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All of us should be challenging ourselves to do more.

Corporate leaders, policy makers and individuals at all stages of their careers are expressing a desire for change, some advancing the agenda faster than others. Their action is inspiring―and at times, even radical.

This Summit will celebrate those taking a leap forward, rather than a small step. From eradicating the pay gap across an organization to transforming a company culture to be more inclusive, attendees will learn about these successes and how they were achieved.

Open the door to radical change in your own organization
& connect with like-minded leaders

  • Hear from organizational leaders who have implemented a major inclusion initiative, including the impact generated, the challenges encountered along the way, and the factors that led to success

  • Discover new thinking on recruiting, retention, and compensation strategies to build a diverse and inclusive workplace

  • Gain best practices for implementing radical change across an organization, even in the face of resistance

Blake Irving
Sarah Kaplan
Institute for Gender & the Economy